Company Profile
Company NameDIO L.L.C.
EstablishedFebruary, 2008
Head Office10577 Greenford Drive, San Diego, CA92126 USA
Major BanksChase -San Diego Branch-
Description of BusinessWholesale Busieness | Lighting Fixtures, House Decors, Exterior, Building Materials, Others
Main Business PartnersMaxim Lightings, Golden Lightings, Crystrama, Design House, Artcraft, Nuvo Lighting, Wentai Lighting, and Others

“DIO” is derived from the name of the company “DIO” and represents the initials of “Do It Ourself.” This name symbolizes the idea of growing and achieving goals together through collaborative efforts. DIO strives to pursue the power of realizing things with our own hands and bringing out greater attractiveness through joint efforts.